Sunday Bulletin – December 23, 2018

Sunday Bulletin – December 23, 2018

St. Michael the Archangel
Orthodox Church of America in Concord, CA

Saturday Vespers at 5 p.m.- Confessions following
Sunday Divine Liturgy at 10 a.m.- Confessions 9 – 9:45 a.m.
Sunday Bulletin – December 23, 2018


Monday, December 24th
FESTAL VESPERS at 5:00 p.m.
Confessions – 3:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. and following Vespers

Tuesday, December 25th
DIVINE LITURGY at 10:00 a.m.

Welcome to all our parishioners and visitors this Sunday! If you are visiting, please introduce yourself!

Children’s Nativity Pageant – On January 6th, Epiphany Day, the parish children will present their version of the Nativity Story after Divine Liturgy. Linda Rafeedie will coordinate with the parents and children. All are welcome!

Christmas Tree Trimming – Today, December 23, after Liturgy we will trim the tree outside. We’ll have hot cocoa, eggnog and sing Christmas Carols! The lights are provided by the parish community. Take a few moments and join us!

Archbishop’s Nativity Appeal 2018 – On Christmas Day there will be a second collection as you leave the temple for the Nativity Appeal. “When you make a gift to the Church in this most holy season, we use it building missions, supporting seminarians, offering charity to those in need, educating our children and adults in the Word, and supporting clergy to continue their holy work”- Archbishop Benjamin.  St. Michael’s Parish has been the recipient of these appeals, so let’s return the favor!  Please be generous!

Christ is born!  Glorify Him! – For centuries, Christians have greeted each other at Christmas with this beautiful call and response. Use it this Christmas when you greet another Orthodox!

House Blessings – It is our Holy Orthodox tradition to have our homes blessed during the Epiphany Season, when we recall that all the waters of the earth were blessed by Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan.  Hallow your home with this special yearly blessing.
Please schedule a time with Father Peter who will come to bless your home. You may email him at or call (415)596-2965 or (415)496-9023. There is no home too remote to visit and bless.

Website – There are new pics on the website under “photos,” as well as inspirational music for the Christmas Season under “Music.” Look for the “Saint of the Day” and the “Daily Readings” for your inspiration during prayer! You will also find the Reader and Agape (Hospitality,coffee hour) schedules under “Ministry.” Check it out!


Words of Holy Men and Women

“And the Word became flesh!…in order to make us earthly beings into heavenly ones, in order to make sinners into saints; in order to raise us up from corruption into incorruption, from earth to heaven; from enslavement to sin and the devil – into the glorious freedom of children of God; from death – into immortality, in order to make us sons and daughters of God and to seat us together with Him upon the Throne as His royal children. O, boundless compassion of God! O, inexpressible wisdom of God! O, great wonder, astounding not only the human mind, but the angelic [mind] as well!”                                                 + St. John of Kronstadt, Sermon

Prayer of the Week

O Angel of God, my holy guardian, given to me from heaven, enlighten me this day, and save mefrom all evil. Instruct me in doing good deeds, and set me on the path of salvation. Amen.


Reader today is Subdeacon Nicholas.  Reader for Dec. 30 is Gene Perry and Sophia Tolkach.
Agape fellowship today is Randy Crawford.  Next Sunday, Dec. 30 is Bagel Sunday.
Fr. Peter Fermeglia –
P.O Box 728, Concord, CA 94522

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