Children’s Religious Education –  Ruth Pavlik, Director of Children’s Religious Education –Every Sunday from September 11th to June.
Sheila Bliss, Sierra Pratt and Nino Chkheidze assisting.

Bible Study Sunday after Liturgy as announced.


St. Michael Reader Sunday Schedule 2023

January                                                                         July
1  Greg                                                                        2  David
8  Randy                                                                      9  Hank
15 David                                                                     16 Stan
22 Hank                                                                      23 Jake
29 Stan                                                                       30 Jonathan

February                                                                    August
   Jake                                                                         6   Kaha
12 Kaha                                                                       13 Gregory
19 Jonathan                                                               20 Randy
26 Greg                                                                       27 David

March                                                                         September
5  Randy                                                                     3   Hank
12 David                                                                     10 Jake
19 Hank                                                                      17 Stan
26 Greg                                                                      24 Randy

April                                                                           October
2   Jake                                                                        1  Kaha
9   Kaha                                                                       8  Gregory
16 Jonathan                                                               15 Randy
23 Greg                                                                       22 Kaha
30 Randy                                                                    29 Hank

May                                                                            November
7  David                                                                      5   Stan
14 Hank                                                                     12 Jake
21 Stan                                                                      19 Gregory
28 Kaha                                                                     26 Kaha

June                                                                            Decemeber
4   Jake                                                                        3   Gregory
11 Jonathan                                                               10 Randy
18 Greg                                                                       17 Hank
25 Randy                                                                    24 Stan
********************************************************31 Jake

Hospitality -Agape Meal-Sunday (Coffee Hour) after Liturgy in Hall

Sasha Dawson, Coordinator 

* Fast days
If these dates are not good for you, please let me know and I will make adjustments.
1. Plug in the coffee pot at 10:30
2. It is your responsibility to bring half and half and juice. Please check the
refrigerator the week before to see if there is any left.
3. Make sure there are enough coffee cups and napkins out
4. Wash any dishes you have used. Wash the coffee pot.
5. Wipe off the tables including the coffee area.
6. Wipe down the kitchen counters and butcher block.
7. If you use the stove, please clean it.
8. Bring home leftover food and your serving dishes. Please don’t leave it in
the refrigerator.
9. Turn on the dishwasher.
As you all know, we have a new serving island. There are drawers that hold
serving utensils, plates, napkins, flatware and trivets.
Left side utensils, paper plates, napkins
Right side trivets, plastic flatware
Coffee cups and juice cups are in the cabinet